Rose of the Aegean by Romi Hill

Lace Lovers Club 2024 sign-ups!

Please welcome the 2024 Lace Lover’s Club! This is a special club for serious lovers of lace knitting, and the patterns will all be in the general style as the featured image from the 2022 Lace Lovers club.

The club will include four total new Romi lace patterns (see examples of past club designs in the pictures, and last year’s club in the 2023 club graphic), and three shipments to support those patterns. Yarn will be lace weight to light fingering weight. The patterns will each have a medium (for regular yarn option) and tall (for double yarn option) size included. The medium size will use from 700-950 yards. The tall size will vary, but in general will use at least 1200 yards. At the end of the club shipment term, the fourth pattern, a mashup of different lace patterns from the previous three club designs, will come out. No shipment will be associated with this pattern. In addition to yarn and patterns, there will be one shawl pin for the year, and also one project bag, and other lovely goodies! Each pattern will have associated YouTube Lives where I’ll be going over techniques (these will have a permanent home and may be viewed indefinitely)! We will also have two zoom get-togethers per pattern, and a mini newsletter with updates and links to Lives, Videos, and Zooms. This club is all about coming together to share our love of lace. I want you all to feel welcome, appreciated, and pampered.

The event is finished.

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