Simple (Large) Penannular Shawl Pin


At less than an ounce, this pin is light enough to be used on the most delicate lace, but sturdy enough to use on a sweater. This large Simple Penannular copper pin is based on the design of the ancient penannular brooch, with an arm that slides around the thinner portion of the pin body. The arm (which cannot be removed from the pin) is inserted through the material and the pin slides to lock into place. There is no spring in this style, as the pin is engineered to use the thickness of fabric to stay clasped! Pins are smoothed, work hardened, and polished, and have a blunt tip made specifically for use on hand- or larger gauge machine-knits. All pins are designed and handmade by Romi in the US.

In stock and shipped within three business days of order. Expect small variations due to the handmade nature of the item. Stock numbers reflect pins on hand.

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